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commandment / заповедь, приказ
имя существительное
commandment, precept
order, command, decree, writ, commandment, injunction
имя существительное
a divine rule, especially one of the Ten Commandments.
Indeed, this is an indication of the Divine nature of the commandments .
But I find the category of grave external sin against the sixth commandment too broad for the reasons I have stated.
They are so structured that acceptance of the relationship created by the first commandment entails obedience to all the rest.
We see in the first commandment that we are not free to worship other gods.
Sins against the first commandment , not the sixth, are still our most frequent failure.
know my youngest son, who yearns to join corporate America as a stock analyst, wants to live up to his Dad's commandment to do good things and make money without selling your soul.
The commandment to respect God's name refers specifically to the ten Hebrew names by which God is designated in the Bible.
But there is this commandment, the commandment to be holy, which prohibits such behaviors.
Therefore we should obey the commandment of the Prophet in order to prosper in the hereafter.
The commandment to love God is one of the six constant commandments.
It was her husband who had instructed her concerning the commandment .