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commanding / командующий, внушительный, доминирующий
имя прилагательное
commanding, commander
imposing, formidable, commanding, fine
dominant, dominating, predominant, commanding
имя прилагательное
(in military contexts) having a position of authority.
a commanding officer
give an authoritative order.
a gruff voice commanded us to enter
be in a strong enough position to have or secure (something).
no party commanded a majority
These stations were sited on commanding terrain or on platforms built for the purpose.
It sits up high providing a commanding view of the road.
Instead, your company receives orders from a commanding officer - you act as an influential member of that team, but you're hardly the only active agent.
She stood next to Mother with a commanding presence.
In the military, the commanding officer must be certain that his or her command will be strictly followed.
We've probably got one of the best suites in the place actually - we're on the 14th floor with a commanding view of the city.
His third was supplied by Gray to put his team in a commanding 4-1 lead.
Built overlooking the valley, it holds a commanding view of the area and is a spectacular sight.
The findings will go to the commanding officer.
The new hide here is far from that - built from Welsh Oak in a distinctive heron shape, it stands on stilts in one of the lakes, providing visitors with a commanding position from which to view the birdlife.