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commandeer / реквизировать, присваивать, принудительно набирать
requisition, commandeer, confiscate, impress, embargo, bring into requisition
assign, appropriate, confer, arrogate, assume, commandeer
принудительно набирать
officially take possession or control of (something), especially for military purposes.
telegraph and telephone lines were commandeered by the generals
So, after some plotting, the pair commandeer an ice cream truck and hit the road with granny chilling in the freezer.
The People's Liberation Army could commandeer an enormous range of civilian assets that would contribute directly to its capabilities.
In the case of a political crisis or a state of war, the government can commandeer state-owned aircraft, although on this occasion it was a request.
‘THE Army and police will commandeer coaches and trains to move hundreds of thousands of Londoners out of the city in the event of a massive terrorist attack’.
Expect troops to be sent across picket lines to commandeer the red fire engines.
For our ride back down the mountain, we were able to commandeer a covered jeep to carry a few of our more beleaguered compatriots, but the rest of us begrudgingly climbed back into the rear of our now-notorious truck.
For make no mistake, terrorism is the enemy of the state, out to destroy the state or to commandeer it for evil purposes.
The ministry should take the lead to commandeer the general public to clean up public places like schools, bars, markets and taverns which form the core of a high-risk reference point before the rains.
They will be given the authority to enlist any member of the public to help civil defence staff and to commandeer equipment or strategic buildings.
What other company director, though, can pick up a telephone and commandeer the back pages of the next day's newspapers?