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commandant / комендант, начальник
имя существительное
commandant, governor
chief, head, superior, supervisor, director, commandant
имя существительное
an officer in charge of a particular force or institution.
the West Point commandant of cadets
the camp commandant
One was the camp commandant , who was responsible for the organisation of the camp.
Once again, his effectiveness as a camp commandant came to the fore.
I opened the gates, showing correct papers to the camp commandant on the way out.
He was placed on the commandant 's list on completing the Armor Officer Basic Course in 1997.
the West Point commandant of cadets
The commandant said many special officers felt the same, but acknowledged that some who joined with a view to becoming career officers might feel differently.
He later served as commandant of the Regimental Officer Academy and the deputy commander of the U.S. Army Signal Command.
Marceau, wearing his uniform as a commandant in the French Army reserves, was the master of ceremonies.
The group commandant , Colonel S.Kumar, visited the spot on Saturday and witnessed the cadets fly with enthusiasm.