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command / команда, командование, приказ
имя существительное
command, team, instruction, crew, squad, brigade
order, command, decree, writ, commandment, injunction
command, lead, order about, officer, be in charge of, king it over
order, command, tell, enjoin, direct, require
control, manage, run, drive, operate, command
имя прилагательное
command, team, key, top-dog
имя существительное
an authoritative order.
it's unlikely they'll obey your commands
give an authoritative order.
a gruff voice commanded us to enter
be in a strong enough position to have or secure (something).
no party commanded a majority
All of the rooms command views over the city skyline.
Hardly any junior has shown such a good command over both forms of the game in the recent past.
The Magginis have a brilliant command of the idiom.
Although friends pointed out that he was not actually in command of the armed forces at the time.
Like anyone who is thinking of getting into race commentary they have the twin skills of a good command of the English language, married to a strong knowledge of the formbook.
Garner and Sadler are gifted musicians and talented comedians who have command over physical comedy and character-acting.
There is every chance he could still command a majority of above 80 at the next election, ordinarily the sign of a strong, healthy government.
we will have nearly thirty thousand people under our command
His uncle was stationed in command of the imperial naval base at Misenum, on the north-west extremity of the Bay of Naples.
His command over his body language is as strong as his control over the fighters he leads.