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comity / вежливость
имя существительное
courtesy, politeness, civility, comity, urbanity, decency
имя существительное
courtesy and considerate behavior toward others.
Considerations of comity arise in the one case but not in the other.
an association of nations for their mutual benefit.
The comity between Canada and the United States is testimony to the strength of liberal peace.
No doubt, they tend to promote more comity in public debates through prior association.
It is, in essence, similar in approach to the agreement concluded with the United States, and takes the same approach towards comity .
It is about state comity and cooperation, and mutual respect.
But it is important to recognise the nature of the rules of comity in public international law.
a show of public comity in the White House
Well in some respects this is a welcome back to the comity of cricket nations for South Africa.
That at the heart of it is an international comity , reinforced perhaps by international law, that we respect each other's right to govern the internal economy of their ships.
Unlike other countries where sectarian conflicts have flared among members of different religious groups, religious comity in the country is enviable.
Promote international cooperation and respect for comity among the Courts.
The reason that we and other countries have such rules is to respect comity between nations.