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comings / приход, приезд, прибытие
имя существительное
coming, parish, arrival, advent, receipt, incoming
arrival, coming
arrival, coming, incoming, advent
имя существительное
an arrival or an approach.
the coming of a new age
Sure that I was grateful for this new day and it's new comings .
It was only with the coming of the fourteenth century that the situation suddenly changed.
And please keep your eyes open up there for the comings and goings of the rich and famous this morning.
Can't help speculating, though, and putting stories together as I watch the comings and goings from the window and from my idle wanderings.
When heron's leave the marsh and fly above the clouds they announce the coming of a storm.
This means that stores could track each customer's comings and goings .
Yet I could have constructed a timetable of their comings and goings , their daily habits and activities.
By the beginning of September the war spread and was coming closer to our village.
The coming of the northern Europeans in the seventeenth century soon changed that.
I like the noise and bustle and the comings and goings .