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coming / предстоящий, приходящий, грядущий
имя прилагательное
coming, forthcoming, impending, ahead, oncoming, toward
coming, nonresident
future, coming, forthcoming, which is to come
имя существительное
coming, parish, arrival, advent, receipt, incoming
arrival, coming
arrival, coming, incoming, advent
имя прилагательное
due to happen or just beginning.
work is due to start in the coming year
likely to be important or successful in the future.
he was the coming man of French racing
имя существительное
an arrival or an approach.
the coming of a new age
move or travel toward or into a place thought of as near or familiar to the speaker.
Jessica came into the kitchen
occur; happen; take place.
twilight had not yet come
take or occupy a specified position in space, order, or priority.
prisons come far down the list of priorities
pass into a specified state, especially one of separation or disunion.
his shirt had come undone
be sold, available, or found in a specified form.
the cars come with a variety of extras
The couple said they will be organising lots of fundraising events over the coming year.
If he is to heed that advice you can be sure he will be watching these two teams more than once or twice over the coming weeks.
Before the coming of TV the kids were found to be hard working and very well behaved.
So yet again this coming bank holiday weekend is going to be a nightmare for a huge number of rail travellers.
In the coming weeks he will discover whether the balance of power will allow him to dictate his own terms.
Now a decision has been taken to enter a second team in the league for the coming season.
The behaviour of consumer spending over the coming months now holds the key to interest rates.
It is hoped the child will be taking his first steps on his own in the coming weeks.
It was a lovely occasion and it is hoped to hold a similar event in the coming months.
With the coming of dusk we were back in our cabins having baths and getting changed for dinner.