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comic / комический, юмористический, комедийный
имя прилагательное
comic, comical, humorous, buffo, grotesque, jocular
humorous, comic, comical, jocular
comic, comical
имя существительное
comedian, comic, funnyman, funster
actor, player, comedian, trouper, mummer, comic
имя прилагательное
causing or meant to cause laughter.
comic and fantastic exaggeration
имя существительное
a comedian, especially a professional one.
a stand-up comic
comic strips.
We loaded the car up with snacks, comics , some storybooks and a selection of toys in order to keep up Zachery's interest.
He knows what funny is, and can do comic timing, given a script.
Obviously a comic needs a spontaneous funny side to them, but there's a technical side as well.
Fast-paced comic fun, with a strong whiff of circus slapstick, for the discerning younger viewer.
During the day fancy dress competitions were held, bowling and tennis tournaments and entertainment from several comic bands.
In the latter, it was somewhat hard to connect to the characters, who often seemed exaggerated for comic effect.
Roadside entertainment involved a man in a comic mask, walking around and fooling bystanders.
It's an indulgent fantasy, saved by Chow's precise comic timing and the preposterous action sequences.
Not pointing any finger but as a comic actor used to say ‘I only asked’.
For comic effect it has a character whose supposedly hilarious weakness is to use phrases that have gone out of fashion.
Comedians have voted the late Peter Cook the greatest comic of all time.