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comfy / удобный, уютный, комфортабельный
имя прилагательное
convenient, comfortable, easy, handy, comfy, cozy
cozy, comfortable, snug, homely, comfy, homelike
comfortable, comfy
имя прилагательное
Part of me just clings tighter to the covers on my soft, comfy , safe bed.
He is not settling down for a comfy night in one of York's nicer hotels.
This is definitely music that one can dance to or simply just enjoy sitting back in a comfy couch with a drink in hand.
My bed was very comfy and a fold-up bed arrived promptly for my young daughter.
They spoil me with dinner and a comfy bed and a bathtub; all the things you miss when traveling.
Everything in the hall is aimed at making it easy and all comfy for the children.
I might even think about getting my own bike, something with a slightly more comfy saddle.
We went to the pub at half three, and settled in at the front, on a comfy sofa.
I park myself down on one of the comfy couches and love socialising with everyone again.
It has big comfy leather sofas in the window area with lots of tables stretching back to the kitchen at the rear of the venue.
The beds are huge and comfy with lots of puffy pillows and cushions.