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comfortless / неуютный, печальный, безутешный
имя прилагательное
sad, sorrowful, mournful, deplorable, dismal, comfortless
inconsolable, disconsolate, comfortless, inconsolate, uncomforted
имя прилагательное
offering no means of relaxation and pleasure.
a comfortless prison
having or offering nothing that serves to ease feelings or grief or distress.
it's difficult to get this comfortless message onto any bestseller list
Shuddering at the thought of the comfortless journey ahead, he started to look around for somewhere to pass the night.
The religious side didn't offend me - I find it meaningless and comfortless , but it just goes over my head.
In a comfortless , filthy house, ill-furnished, often neither raintight nor warm, no domestic comfort is possible.
The spring had been part of her, and its loss had left her empty, comfortless .
Probably his most barren and comfortless portrait of modern British life so far, the movie is inflected with necessary moments of light relief in the form of, for example, a sad-but-true depiction of a working men's club karaoke session.
He saw in the eyes of his soldiers that they too felt this defilement of the morning, and the manner in which it overshadowed the remainder of each day until it waned unto comfortless darkness.
After initially living with his brother-in-law, mother and nephew, he moved to a small, comfortless , unheated room in a cheap hotel.
The ocean looked dead and completely comfortless .
These are bleak, sad stories set in a comfortless world, and the manner of their telling is accordingly plain (but not simple), as though their author has vowed himself to verbal asceticism in pursuit of a hard truth.
We repay them by making them spend short, comfortless , unnatural lives, depriving them of their young who can suffer cruelty and brutal deaths.