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comely / миловидный, пригожий, хорошенький
имя прилагательное
pretty, comely, cute, bonny, goodly, nice-looking
pretty, comely, dolly, pin-up
имя прилагательное
(typically of a woman) pleasant to look at; attractive.
I managed to resist the allure of comely females for the rest of the day; but unfortunately, at night time, I relapsed again.
We think comely incentives should be reserved for those big and serious investors say, in mining, agriculture, tourism and manufacturing.
Now the fragments of the treasure map are tattooed on the supple bodies of several comely maidens, and it's a race to be the first to undress them.
Two adobo-rubbed lamb chops arrive grilled exactly as ordered, carnivorously comely in their spicy West African peanut sauce and marvelously garnished with a savory minced lamb pie.
Why would Bridget not consent to such a suitable arrangement, with a comely , clever, supremely eligible young man; not consent, moreover, when she was carrying his child?
The founding fathers of our state might have been interested to know that some of the earliest close-up portraits of their citizens - taken between 1892 and 1911-were of comely maidens reclining nude in various poses.
The law was aimed at deterring unscrupulous boardinghouse touts who jumped aboard arriving ships to ply gullible sailors with cheap liquor and comely prostitutes.
The middle days of our journey bring us two historical highlights as well as a demanding set of eight manually-operated locks on the way to and from the comely village of Stoke Bruerne in South Northamptonshire.
Apparently comely Irish maidens are a thing of the past, and women have arrived showing more flesh than fabric.
Their next stop was a witch's kitchen, where Faust caught sight of the image of a comely woman in a mirror.
With that proclamation, he rushed back up the steps followed by the lead knight, leaving the knights to look worried and confused in front of a group of comely women.