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comedown / падение, упадок, деградация
имя существительное
drop, fall, incidence, falling, decline, downfall
decline, decay, decadence, fall, collapse, breakdown
degradation, retrogression, retrogradation, come-down
имя существительное
a loss of status or importance.
patrol duty? A comedown for a sergeant
a feeling of disappointment or depression.
it's such a comedown after Christmas is over
Part-time football may seem a comedown , but he insists he has never enjoyed his football as much.
The comedown occurred later rather than sooner.
That is a comedown for Bangalore's development portal which was headed by a core team of professionals and eminent citizens.
There was a real comedown as a result of our chances being over-hyped, though.
What a comedown for the land known in ancient times as Arabia Felix, or Happy Arabia, whose rulers included the Queen of Sheba and whose caravan routes supplied frankincense and myrrh to the Holy Roman Empire.
Is it a comedown to take a trip that doesn't set any records?
They had been talking about going home and making scrambled eggs - which would be quite a comedown from last night's glorious dinner.
The comedown was horrible because I wanted to sleep and instead I had to be running around doing errands.
Only 10% of broadband subscribers get its service now, a big comedown for a company that once had 50% of the Net-access market.
A slide from 74% to 70% ain't that big of a comedown .