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come-hither / приходят сюда,
имя прилагательное
flirtatious; sexually inviting.
nymphs with come-hither looks
The shimmering jewellery was no match for his come-hither looks, brilliant charm and athletic build amid the alluring chains, enticing pendants and gorgeous necklaces.
But he seemed intent on pretending that my come-hither look was nothing more than admiration of his impressive portfolio, which frankly it was.
As our evening wound to a close, she openly worried that her purse - though incredibly fetching with its come-hither stitching - could not contain the funds to accommodate such an evening.
With the vintage costumes, the vampy dance moves, and the occasionally campy songs, the entertainers' underlying message to their customers seems clear: We may have come-hither eyes, but this is all an act.
She's lying in the grass, staring at me with those eyes, the perfect come-hither look.
After a six-month absence, the come-hither tulips are extremely tempting in their lilacs, scarlets, apricots and girly pinks.
She clutched my hand and looked at me with a hunger in her eyes, a come-hither look that always made me feel weak-kneed and helpless, like putty in her hands.
There's a kind of come-hither quality about that, I would think.
She met Aaron's gaze and batted her lashes in what he supposed was meant to be a come-hither look, but seemed more like soot caught in her eyes.
They had a look of eroticism… a come-hither quality that I couldn't explain.