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combustion / сгорание, горение, воспламенение
имя существительное
combustion, burning
ignition, inflammation, combustion, priming
имя существительное
the process of burning something.
the combustion of fossil fuels
Fly ash is a byproduct of coal combustion .
The widespread combustion of leaded gasoline is dangerous to society.
The purpose for this requirement is to prevent noxious combustion gases from venting into the living area.
the combustion of fossil fuels
The health effects of combustion pollutants range from headaches and breathing difficulties to death.
One of the products of combustion of any system is heat - quite a bit of it.
The complete combustion of carbon and hydrocarbons described above rarely occurs in nature.
Acid on the foil, they said, can cause combustion .
the combustion of fossil fuels
But gasoline combustion also results in over a pound of water for every pound of fuel burned.