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combust / воспламеняться, сжигать, гореть
ignite, inflame, combust, fire
burn, incinerate, combust, burn up, burn out, burn away
burn, glow, broil, flame, combust, blaze
consume by fire.
Researchers are trying to eliminate the flame, replacing it with a catalyst that combusts methane at lower temperature, emitting less smog-producing nitrogen oxide pollution.
one day the whole building will combust
Ethanol's high oxygen content allows automobile engines to combust fuel better, resulting in reduced tail pipe emissions.
The latter provides the oxygen required to combust the soot particles and is completely reduced to nitrogen oxide in the process.
All other rockets must carry a heavy load of oxygen to combust their fuel, but the scramjet extracts its own oxygen from the atmosphere and mixes it with liquid hydrogen on board to form fuel.
Dozens of people spontaneously combust each year.
They always come to a halt, have a price check, and sometimes spontaneously combust the second I get in line.
If the pressure in the cylinder exceeds this point then the fuel will combust before the spark plug fires, thus throwing the engine's rhythm out of time.
The specimens were then baked in an oven at 450°C for four hours to combust all organic matter.
Instead of using on-board oxygen to combust the hydrogen fuel, the scramjet scoops up oxygen as it travels through the atmosphere.
The Daily Mail building would spontaneously combust .