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combo / небольшой эстрадный ансамбль
имя существительное
небольшой эстрадный ансамбль
имя существительное
a small jazz, rock, or pop band.
Because, for all of their rock leanings, they are a jazz combo in the best way possible - each player brings a potent set of chops to his respective instrument.
a combination, typically of different foods.
the combo platter
From the release of their debut album their winning combo of Tex Mex, blues, rock 'n' roll, country and Mexican folk had critics raving.
Wearing another hat many people around Cumbria will have seen him perform solo or as part of his jazz combo .
The Brazilian samba band, like a symphony orchestra or a jazz combo , unites distinctive voices into an exciting whole.
The ensemble isn't your usual combo for a rock band.
the combo platter
The Georgia section, host of the meeting, also celebrated its 100th anniversary with a lively banquet and a jazz combo .
By far my favorite topping is a combo of basil pesto, sun-dried tomato, and onion.
I ordered a combo of chicken kiev, pelmeni soup, and a small round hard roll.
There's also a remote chance these lads have heard of an obscure combo called The Rolling Stones.
There's no doubt that keeping an old-style surf-twang instrumental rock combo fresh is hard work.