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combinatorics / комбинаторика
combinatorial, combinatorial analysis
имя существительное
the branch of mathematics dealing with combinations of objects belonging to a finite set in accordance with certain constraints, such as those of graph theory.
Generating functions have numerous applications in mathematics, especially in combinatorics , probability theory, statistics, the theory of Markov chains, and number theory.
His early works range over number theory, statistics, combinatorics , game theory, as well as his principal interest of commutative algebra.
In particular he made contributions of major importance in the theory of polytopes, non-euclidean geometry, group theory and combinatorics .
Is any computing unrelated to quantum computing now a pointless exercise in combinatorics ?
They worked on topics such as soluble groups, combinatorics , and matrix theory.
He produced his own versions of logarithms, infinite series, and combinatorics which did not follow the style of western mathematics but his research naturally developed out of the foundations of Chinese mathematics.
It has proved to be the computational method of choice for symbolic manipulation in algebraic geometry, differential equations, and combinatorics .
His work led to considerable activity in the new area of algebraic combinatorics .
My research is in combinatorics and number theory.
His basic research contributions span complex analysis, mathematical physics, probability theory, geometry, and combinatorics .
The problems which attracted him most were problems in combinatorics , graph theory, and number theory.