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combination / сочетание, комбинация, соединение
имя существительное
combination, conjunction
combination, slip, combs, racket
compound, connection, conjunction, joint, combination, link
association, union, unification, combination, merger, integration
combination, superposition, superimposition
имя существительное
a joining or merging of different parts or qualities in which the component elements are individually distinct.
a combination of blackberries, raspberries, and rhubarb
a sequence of numbers or letters used to open a combination lock.
a combination briefcase
a selection of a given number of elements from a larger number without regard to their arrangement.
His final publication was on combinations where he used the notation (m, n) for the combinations of n objects selected from m objects.
I went to my locker, did my combination and pulled it open.
Most scientists working with the new inhibitors and monoclonal antibody treatments acknowledge they will be used in combination with chemotherapy for years yet.
Or use in combination with other sun-loving annuals or perennials.
The little combo clock adds that tense, time-based factor so players can incorporate their newly found move into a bigger combination .
There are also several combination meals for one to four people that contain a generous amount of food.
the combination of recession and falling property values proved fatal to the business community
In a slight change of direction all students were mixed into combination teams.
a good uppercut/hook combination
this color combination is stunningly effective
underneath the picture is a safe: the combination is 210319