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combative / боевой, воинственный, драчливый
имя прилагательное
combat, fighting, battle, militant, combative, live
warlike, bellicose, militant, martial, belligerent, combative
pugnacious, quarrelsome, combative, bellicose
имя прилагательное
ready or eager to fight; pugnacious.
he made some enemies with his combative style
Political life is a combative life, with positions being tested and retested before they're taken out into the world.
If you said something combative , the person you spoke to is probably less than thrilled.
He shows wonderful energy, putting himself all over the field to combative purpose, and he passes the ball well enough.
Even many who sympathize with his concerns find his combative style haughty and unforgiving.
Criticising the work of such a combative figure is hardly a low-risk occupation.
Correction must be firm enough for the dog to want to work to avoid it but not aggressive or combative .
This combative style is not surprising given her background.
The focus is on those people actually taking part in hostilities in a combative role.
At times she is combative , at times submissive, according to the situation and her state of mind.
While this received plenty of laughs, the combative chairman was not amused as will be revealed later.