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comb-over / зачеса
имя существительное
hair that is combed over a bald spot in an attempt to cover it.
As he paced, his poorly fitted suit stretched and pulled unflatteringly around his paunchy stomach, and with each step his stringy hair fell limply from its comb-over in greasy strands.
Accordingly, he has given up his comb-over hairstyle in favour of a straight-back cut that is winning rave reviews.
All I really can do is grow a few patches here and there, and since the comb-over idea didn't go over too well, it would seem as though I'm out of luck.
She stared at the back of the cabbie's head, at the lame comb-over attempt to hide a textbook case of male pattern baldness.
His greying hair was styled in a comb-over , his brown eyes glowing with kindness.
He's a portly gent with an eye patch and black hair forced across his head in an unforgiving comb-over .
Many men wear a comb-over to hide thinning or a receding hairline.
The maitre d' was a thick-set man in his forties with a bad comb-over and handle-bar moustache, wearing an orange T-shirt and black leather pants.
Don't assume that a properly brushed comb-over will look like a full head of hair.
He was dishevelled, unshaven, his comb-over in disarray, and clouds of whiskey-fumes rose in a steady haze from between his chapped lips.