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comb / гребень, расческа, гребенка
имя существительное
crest, comb, tongue, flange, peak, crown
comb, raker
comb, comb out
comb, scour, card
comb, swingle, brake, scutch, break, deckle
имя существительное
a strip of plastic, metal, or wood with a row of narrow teeth, used for untangling or arranging the hair.
This involves lifting the hair with a metal comb and burning off the ends with a lighted taper.
something resembling a comb in function or structure, in particular.
the red fleshy crest on the head of a domestic fowl, especially a rooster.
Resplendent in bright orange, black and red, his comb , wattles and ear lobes have been shorn off.
untangle or arrange (the hair) by drawing a comb through it.
neatly combed hair
prepare (wool, flax, or cotton) for manufacture with a comb.
the socks are made of soft combed cotton
search carefully and systematically.
police combed the area for the murder weapon
A man looked at him through a mirror in the bathroom, comb in hand.
A bird builds a nest, or the rabbit a burrow, the bee its comb , the beaver a dam, by nature, as Aristotle would say.
Some kind of comb was dragged through my hair, leaving a burning path along my scalp.
He stumbled to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, and ran a wet comb through his hair.
Sighing, I grabbed a comb and began untangling the knots in my black hair.
The Commissioner, however, spent the time engaging an army of investigators to comb through union records.
Vincent sat on her bed and watched her, captivated, as she stood before the mirror, adjusting the comb in her disheveled hair.
Chewing a piece of comb honey daily often helps to clear the nose and sinuses during hay fever attacks.
For example, a rooster's comb contains a hyaluronic acid that can be injected into your face to smooth those wrinkles.
Cracids may have a casque, hard comb , wattle or fleshy knob at the base of the bill.