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comatose / коматозный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of or in a state of deep unconsciousness for a prolonged or indefinite period, especially as a result of severe injury or illness.
she had been comatose for seven months
Occasionally, intoxicated patients may be neither comatose nor organic but have initial symptoms compatible with a psychosis.
As his government went from indolent to comatose , he made unprecedented use of the government jet as a taxi back home.
Some 20 minutes later he returned, accompanied by a shaken overdose victim who had some 15 minutes earlier been comatose and blue.
This was followed by a nonfluent aphasia about a month after the injury, and the patient became progressively more obtunded and comatose .
Erik, when he was moved out of the trauma unit to an acute care floor in the hospital, was put into the room with another comatose patient.
Drugs of another type are used as respiratory stimulants in deeply comatose patients or those with respiratory failure.
They kept complaining about pain and kept getting more and more narcotics in response to their complaints until they were comatose from the drugs.
Constant infusions may be useful in patients with constant dyspnea or patients who are comatose .
On admission, the patient was acidotic, and he rapidly became comatose .
Pyramidal nervous system signs are often prominent, especially in the comatose patient.