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columbine / водосбор
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
pigeon, dovelike, columbine
имя существительное
an aquilegia with long-spurred flowers.
Other gardeners prefer to interplant them with spring flowers such as columbines , daisies, dianthus, Iceland poppies, lupines, and peonies.
имя существительное
a character in Italian commedia dell'arte , the mistress of Harlequin.
Most columbine flowers have backward-projecting spurs that contain rich nectar that can only be reached by hummingbirds.
Among the wildflowers are a red columbine , aster, figwort, wild sarsaparilla, fleabane, and avens.
However, in a high-elevation species of columbine , enhanced UV-B radiation appeared to destroy alkaloids.
My favorite imitator, the Hinckley columbine , is like a butter-yellow, otherworldly bird.
Other wildflowers are common Solomon's seal, false Solomon's seal, two kinds of golden bellworts, hepatica, wild columbine , monkshood, bloodroot, toothwort, and wild ginger.
All columbine flowers have backward-projecting spurs that contain rich nectar.
The same goes for roses, columbine , dahlias, veronicas, salvias and many perennials - and it's true for most annuals as well.
As we climb, the maze of trees, ferns, and blueberry bushes gives way to subalpine meadows painted with purple lupine, pale blue gentians, crimson columbine , and yellow arnica.
Provide bright flowers such as columbine , Japanese quince, scarlet sage, snapdragons, coral bells, trumpet honeysuckle, bee balm, phlox and others that are tube-shaped to attract hummingbirds.
Seeds of most hardy perennials - including bleeding heart, butterfly weed, columbine , delphinium, liatris, and penstemon - require a period of chilling to germinate.