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colourless / бесцветный, бледный
имя прилагательное
colorless, insipid, white, achromatic, drab, without color
pale, light, pallid, faint, wan, colorless
имя прилагательное
(especially of a gas or liquid) without color.
At room temperature and standard pressure ethers are colorless , neutral liquids with pleasant odors.
lacking distinctive character or interest; dull.
the book is rather colorless, like its author
Everything is a uniform shade of grey, built out of old power station parts and conduits, populated by drab, colourless people.
What we saw that day was colourless , dull and unimaginative.
Visually, it's as exciting as a soap opera: flat and colourless .
I turned him round and his lips were blue, his eyes were colourless and he was lifeless.
Unlike many of the colourless characters in golf, there is much more to him than putting and winning tournaments.
It's so colourless , so dull, so hellish here, a very poor substitute for what I've lost.
Radon is a naturally occurring colourless , odourless gas that is emitted from rocks containing minerals rich in the transuranic elements.
It is a colourless gas produced by the decay of organic matter such as raw sewage, oils, and salt water.
The distilled essential oil is colourless or tinged very pale yellow so it does not stain.
This does not mean that his account is bland and colourless , but he is striving for scholarly objectivity and clarity as far as that is possible under the circumstances.