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colourist / колористом
No painter who has been labelled ‘baroque’ has surpassed Rubens, the supreme colourist .
Then they gave me the opportunity to make new masters of all of my films, so I went in with a colourist to make them visually perfect.
So there I was sitting in the hairdressers saying to Jake my colourist and Mike my stylist, ‘Go on boys, just do what you like!’
He was the greatest colourist since Matisse.
Over the years he has been described as an abstract expressionist, a surrealist and a colourist , but he is not quite any of these things.
When we first arrived here I was bemoaning the fact that I had left my marvelous hair colourist in London.
He is evident here, too, as a distinctive colourist , preferring quieter pinks, violets and yellows to the bolder oranges, reds, greens and blues of Bellini and Titian.
His simple yet remarkably efficient and original technique of pictorial production combined with his gifts as a colorist make this a highly rewarding series of pictures.
He insisted that he needed his own personal make-up artist and hair stylist and two hair colourists .
Most hair colorists are happy to use a product that a customer prefers.