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colouring / колорит, раскраска, окраска
имя существительное
coloring, color, colouring, colour
coloring, coloring book, coloration, colouration, illumination, colouring
coloring, painting, coloration, paint, dyeing, colouration
имя существительное
the process or skill of applying a substance to something so as to change its original color.
After her last coloring , she had developed a rash over much of her body, caused by an allergic reaction to the commercial hair color she had been using.
visual appearance with regard to color, in particular.
In the days when people had to struggle to live, chopsticks were dull in colouring and appearance.
a substance used to give a particular color to something, especially food.
Soil Association standards prohibit the use of food additives and artificial colourings that may be damaging to health, and the use of genetically modified ingredients is not allowed under European organic law.
change the color of (something) by painting, dyeing, or shading it.
I also got my hair coloured this week.
(of a person or their skin) show embarrassment or shame by becoming red; blush.
everyone stared at him, and he colored slightly
influence, especially in a negative way; distort.
the experiences had colored her whole existence
Books of all kinds, from colouring books to books on science and business, attract a large number of people.
The staff then filled each box with a selection of toys, clothing, colouring books and sweets, as well as a small greeting card for the recipient of the present.
a colouring book
Giraffes' colouring is individual, with no two members exactly alike, but they have large, sandy to chestnut, angular spots closely spaced on a lighter background.
Emergency action has been taken by the European Parliament's Committee on Food to stop the UK importing products known to contain this carcinogenic colouring .
Colour analysis will help you select shades that complement your natural colouring .
It was one of Harriet's cast-offs, hardly worn since it hadn't suited her fair colouring .
The genetic trawl will not be looking for physical characteristics, such as colouring or height, but at particular genes that were thought to be common in Vikings.
food colouring
The teacher hurriedly set the other children to work on some colouring and then took Little Brucie aside to ask him, ‘Is that really true about your father?’