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colour-blind / не различающий цвета, страдающий дальтонизмом
имя прилагательное
не различающий цвета
insensible to colors, colorblind, colourblind
страдающий дальтонизмом
colorblind, achromatic, colourblind, green-blind
He wanted to be a fighter pilot but failed the medical because the man with the bluest eyes in cinema is colour-blind .
I mean, a colour-blind person doesn't know that he's missing a few shades unless he does the tests.
Also, I'm colour-blind , which got us in a lot of trouble.
The two colours of the discs were green and red - Adam is partially colour-blind , and guess which two colours he can't tell the difference between?
Bulls are colour-blind , so it is yet another myth that they are enraged by red shades; they react only to the fervent cape-waving.
The suits are distinguished only by colour, so the cards may be difficult for colour-blind players to use.
‘He may be colour-blind ,’ my doctor thought out loud.
And sound was perhaps a more important component of that image than vision, colour-blind and short-sighted as he was.
A doctor of my acquaintance did not realise that he was colour-blind until he attempted to fail aircraft pilots in the RAF on colour vision tests.
Now you have to understand, my dad not only waited till the last minute to make me a costume, but was also acutely colour-blind , with the worst creative sense I've ever seen.