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colostrum / молозиво
имя существительное
colostrum, foremilk, beestings
имя существительное
the first secretion from the mammary glands after giving birth, rich in antibodies.
Antibodies acquired through colostrum at birth are critical to the newborn's health, but only last three to six months and while present can block the immune response to a vaccine.
As the first milk that comes from a cow's udder, colostrum is rich in growth factors, antibodies and high-quality protein, making it a potentially valuable supplement for bodybuilders.
It is most important that lambs get an adequate supply of colostrum as soon as possible after birth.
For example, for the first few days after delivery, a woman's breasts produce a thick, yellowish form of milk called colostrum .
Although absorption of antibodies via the intestine declines rapidly, the feeding of colostrum is still beneficial after 24 hours as it provides local protection in the intestine.
It is unlikely that the small amount of colostrum ingested during the first feeding will significantly alter the birth weight.
One day I inadvertently put donor milk that had a high content of colostrum in the bottle.
Similar proportions of mothers in both groups began breast feeding within 12 hours of birth and reported feeding colostrum .
It is critical that the calf receives adequate levels of colostrum immediately after birth.
Many people do not realise the importance of continuing to give colostrum , mixed with milk replacer, for the first two weeks.
The immunity to disease passed through the mother's colostrum called ‘maternal immunity’ usually lasts for several weeks in the puppy's system.