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colossus / колосс
имя существительное
colossus, titan
имя существительное
a statue that is much bigger than life size.
We sit astride the globe like a mighty colossus .
He may not be a political colossus but he bestrides Scotland with an absolute and unchallenged power.
Brown's speech last week confirmed him as a political colossus .
As a pianist he was a child prodigy who studied with Mozart, and was well-established in Vienna well before Beethoven arrived to sweep all before him, an emergent colossus bestriding the classical-romantic divide.
This emerging colossus could find its economic and political influence rising in tandem with the decline of American influence.
One might have thought such an unlikely colossus of Australian political history would have encouraged a few level-headed intellectuals and journalists to write a serious biography.
The party that once bestrode British politics like a colossus has arrived on the Lancashire coast in timid, uncertain mood.
But even if Betjeman had been less of a cultural colossus , Hillier's monumental approach to biography would be justified, because he paints not just an individual but a species.
Living next to the colossus of America and all that it entails - from common cultural development to never having to defend ourselves from an external threat - has stunted our nationalism.
As I plotted the epic crash of this colossus , my heart began to pound in anticipation.
He is a colossus of courage and integrity in an age of political pygmies.