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colossal / колоссальный, грандиозный, громадный
имя прилагательное
colossal, titanic, gargantuan, monumental, super-duper
grandiose, grand, colossal, sublime, Andean
enormous, huge, vast, great, tremendous, colossal
имя прилагательное
extremely large.
a colossal amount of mail
Then, aged 26, he took on the seemingly impossible challenge of sculpting a colossal statue of the biblical hero, David, from one piece of flawed marble.
The five-bay front facade has a three-bay, colossal , fluted, composite order portico which is repeated on the five-bay rear façade.
I actually thought about charging for it, which would have been a colossal mistake.
Well in fact, that 1% cut in central government is 1% of a colossal amount of our money.
I thought it was a mistake of colossal magnitude and I still do.
If you give them enough space and have a good summer, bees will store a colossal amount of honey; I got 120 pounds out of one hive on a good summer.
Stepping off the airplane and into the Houston humidity, the first sight I spotted was not my homesick sister Laura, but a colossal bronze statue of George H.W. Bush.
In fact, this meant a colossal amount of foreign travel.
It is also the only building in the parish with colossal order columns.
Along with a colossal statue of Athena, bases for busts inscribed with the names of Homer, Herodotus and other noted literary figures were found here.