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coloration / окраска, окрашивание, расцветка
имя существительное
coloring, painting, coloration, paint, dyeing, colouration
coloration, colouration
colors, coloration, colouration, marking, colours
имя существительное
a visual appearance with regard to color.
some bacterial structures take on a purple coloration
a specified pervading character or tone of something.
the productions have taken on a political coloration
The composer's subtle sense of instrumental coloration is very much in evidence in this dance-theater piece.
This performance was far too sober and lacked tonal coloration and variety.
the red coloration of many maples
the productions have taken on a political coloration
The remaining water was soupy-yellow, and a matching coloration stained the sides of the tub an inch or two above the water.
Broadbills are small to medium-sized birds with a big head, a wide bill and often bright coloration (greens, reds, blues, etc.).
A striking creature, the hoopoe has bright cinnamon pink coloration and a crest of black-tipped feathers that, when erect, resembles an Indian headdress.
the coloration of the drawing
These sharply observed vignettes of heartbreak and regret, framed by orchestra, horns and subtle coloration can overwhelm when least expected.
Plumage coloration , not length or symmetry of tail-streamers, is a sexually selected trait in North American barn swallows.