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colonist / колонист, поселенец
имя существительное
colonist, frontiersman, colonizer
settler, homesteader, squatter, colonist, colonizer
имя существительное
a settler in or inhabitant of a colony.
Earlier in our journey, we'd passed a signpost for Colonia Suiza, a town settled by colonists from Switzerland.
Each colonist has to pay his own passage and have £50 in the bank.
Why not recall the humanitarianism of William Penn, an early colonist who made peace with the Delaware Indians instead of warring on them, as other colonial leaders were doing?
When the British ordered them to disperse the colonists fired back at the British soldiers.
Attempts by Spanish and French colonists to establish settlements were unsuccessful.
There was thus quite a strong drive among colonists to transplant the habits of their homelands wholesale and even impose them on others.
Thanks to his diplomacy the arrival of the colonists from France did not develop into an major incident.
Somewhere in the region of 100 colonists arrived in this hot, humid, swampy atmosphere in 1607.
The war began when colonists from Massachusetts Bay began pushing into territory claimed by these people.
In the years following the Great War land was taken away from the inhabitants and given to colonists .
Two hundred and three families were selected to become Matanuska Valley colonists .