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colonialism / колониализм, колониальный режим, колониальный налет
имя существительное
колониальный режим
колониальный налет
имя существительное
the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically.
This period has been characterised by a resurgence of imperialist wars and outright colonialism .
In any case, both groups were against Japanese colonialism and embraced Chinese nationalism.
Sugar is as much bound up with the history of slavery and colonialism as cotton, which this column looked at last week.
Since the end of colonialism , we have acquired decades of evidence of what works and what fails in the third world.
What, for instance, is the difference, if any, between imperialism and colonialism ?
Many in the global south regard tourism as a new form of colonialism and cultural imperialism.
Cecil Rhodes once said that those who oppose civil war must support colonialism .
Such academic dominance begs questions of intellectual colonialism and the politics of representation.
The Cold War was over, colonialism was history, an era of global peace and prosperity seemed imminent.
To have the leader of a great economic power admit that he has a debt and a duty to the losers of globalisation and colonialism is a massive step forward.
This is the clearest manifestation of resurgent imperialism and colonialism on a world scale.