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colonel / полковник
имя существительное
He retired from the Army as a colonel in 1988 and was appointed deputy commander, IGR.
Ted rose to the rank of colonel at the war's end serving as the 26th Infantry Regiment Commander.
When the Civil War began Grant returned to the Army and received the rank of colonel .
The Pentagon did not identify the other panel members, but said they were three colonels and a lieutenant colonel.
There are five woman colonels [air force and army] or captains [navy] qualified for promotion to general positions.
The Defense Department announced on Friday that the President has formally nominated three colonels for promotion to Brigadier General.
As a general rule, however, military intellectuals tend to face mandatory retirement as lieutenant colonels or colonels , just as they are achieving full intellectual maturity.
Despite an apology to the king for ‘unguarded expressions’ he was dismissed his post as lord-lieutenant of the West Riding and lost his colonelcy in the militia.
The senior officers - generals, brigadiers, colonels - were all at a loss about what to do.
There are several interesting issues here, such as the much-vaunted discovery that Army colonels increasingly self-identify as Republicans.