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collusion / сговор, тайный сговор, тайное соглашение
имя существительное
collusion, cahoot
тайный сговор
collusion, conspiracy, frame-up
тайное соглашение
имя существительное
secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.
the armed forces were working in collusion with drug traffickers
He suggested there was collusion between objectors, due to similarities in some letters sent to the council.
Did the trial judge draw from this the inference that there had been collusion ?
There was widespread collusion between bank officials and customers.
On the other, niche diagnoses have proliferated, apparently as a result of collusion between experts and the pharmaceutical industry.
Competition between elites is too easily turned into collusion between plunderers.
But experience has shown that this kind of cooperation often leads to collusion between the two sides.
The minister alleged the report was done in collusion with dissidents inside and outside the country.
If discrimination is not challenged then we are effectively in collusion with the perpetrators of such behaviour.
He should, it is said, have directed the jury on the issues to which the evidence was relevant, and warned the jury against the possibility of collusion .
He saw no point in complaining to the union because, in his experience, the union acted in collusion with the management.