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collude / тайно сговариваться
тайно сговариваться
come to a secret understanding for a harmful purpose; conspire.
university leaders colluded in price-rigging
Thereafter, they didn't need to collude or otherwise conspire to distort the market.
Even in a relatively open democracy, the state has a vested interest in the management of information and the civil service and successive governments collude to conceal secret crimes.
Nor can I understand why Governments would collude with producers who wish to hide where their products are made.
This means what you think it means: the press willingly collude with the British government in keeping certain information secret that you really ought to know.
And when the parties collude in such a craven course, it becomes conspiracy as well.
England left Paris with a comfortable victory and the French legacy was the firm belief that the world's English-speaking referees were colluding against them.
Economists have the concept of a Nash equilibrium to explain the situation where a small number of competitors tend not to undercut each other, even without colluding .
I grow impatient with the victims, the helpless, the colluders , the conformists, the irresponsible, and the pseudoinnocents.
He claimed the pair had persuaded him to invest in a joint venture before colluding with local police to convict him so they could take over his business interests.
Suspicions may be raised by the number of retailers selling a product for a given price, but how do you determine if they are actively colluding , or simply copying one another?