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colloquium / коллоквиум, собеседование
имя существительное
colloquy, intercommunication, colloquium
имя существительное
an academic conference or seminar.
The abundance of conferences, symposia, workshops, colloquia , seminars, and other gatherings devoted to mathematical topics attests to a strong desire for interaction.
Peter Woit mentions a recent colloquium at Fermilab by Howard Georgi, in which Georgi discusses the lamentable under-representation of women in physics.
As a result a colloquium was convened in Edinburgh last December, and guidelines derived mainly from expert opinion are being developed.
Back in North America, the Canadian experience on the same weekend was not quite a repeat of the event of 2003; it was more in the nature of a general colloquium .
The colloquium will address questions like: ‘Can space-based infrastructures provide the most appropriate solution to narrow the gap?’
Personally I will use the computer if I'm giving a colloquium or conference talk, and prefer the blackboard if I'm giving a more specialized seminar.
Started in 1992, the colloquium gives students the chance to present papers on the results of their Women Studies research projects.
A colloquium with lectures on a wide variety of topics and related workshops and tours will be held in the Great Hall of the Cooper Union Foundation Building in New York City on October 28 and 29.
The Cochrane Collaboration's decision on this question at its annual colloquium next week could have a big effect on its future
There are some sixty students currently attending courses on the story in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, and overall about 150 students attended the colloquium .
Philippe Vendrix then gave a short address to conclude the colloquium before we adjourned for lunch.