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colloquialism / коллоквиализм, разговорное слово, разговорное выражение
имя существительное
разговорное слово
разговорное выражение
имя существительное
a word or phrase that is not formal or literary, typically one used in ordinary or familiar conversation.
The natural evolution of language has integrated colloquialisms , or slang words, into everyday speech, but it has also magnified complexities associated with English grammar.
They use prose, rhyme, slang, metaphor, colloquialism and patois.
Orhan Veli's colloquialism is radical and transcends the middle class from which he came.
With much success he walks a fine line between scholarly jargon and patronizing colloquialism .
The original Pamela turns readily to colloquialism : she has experienced God's graciousness ‘at a Pinch’; she does not want to be ‘a Clog upon my dear Parents’.
Her voice is a curious union of American pacing and British colloquialism , with just enough of an accent to not seem forced, and her grammar is unexpectedly superb.
He challenged contemporary taste by his use of colloquialism and free verse, and became the principal among the authors writing in Chicago during and after the First World War.
But having said all of that, I would like to speak at least a few words in defense of colloquialism .
It is time that divine help stepped in and coached Hollywood on the follies of shoddy impersonation, and even worse, blatant colloquialism of all verbal history.
There were pertinent summaries of Kiwi poetry's nationalism and colloquialism .
Whilst I had CHECKED my act for cultural references that wouldn't work, I had assumed wrongly that the crowd would be fluent English speakers and made no concessions for slang or colloquialism .