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collocation / словосочетание, расположение, расстановка
имя существительное
collocation, combination of words
disposition, arrangement, position, layout, propensity, collocation
arrangement, ranking, disposal, collocation
имя существительное
the habitual juxtaposition of a particular word with another word or words with a frequency greater than chance.
the words have a similar range of collocation
the action of placing things side by side or in position.
the collocation of the two pieces
‘Isotropic rigmarole’ is a cute collocation , with a texture like chrome and bone.
Despite the legal prohibition, Army plans already have included such collocation of women-men units in blueprints for a lighter force of 10 active divisions, according to Defense Department sources.
Other errors stem from the software's reliance on collocational data - for instance, the transcription follows sordid with tale, which appears to be nothing more than a hunch based on the frequency of the collocation sordid tale.
The collocation of these functionally related units with their organic equipment enabled a dramatic improvement in weekend training.
If the substituted words have relevant meanings, so much the better; and if the original collocation is archaic or otherwise non-compositional, that improves the chances still further.
Now I think we put them up, we gave it a definition - that's an international definition developed by growing collocation of churches, community groups and unions calling for a fair trading environment.
That collocation of ingredients necessarily is attended with harm to the competitive process.
He defines style as involving the latter two of his three processes of expression-the collocation of words into sentences and the construction of rhetorical figures.
In order to make code really, really robust, when you code-review it, you need to have coding conventions that allow collocation .
He said DP-AF would also better recognise some of the cross-issues, such as collocation of serving members, because the personnel managers would work alongside one another.