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collocate / располагать, расстанавливать
dispose, arrange, set, collocate, situate, incline
(of a word) be habitually juxtaposed with another with a frequency greater than chance.
“maiden” collocates with “voyage.”
place side by side or in a particular relation.
McAndrew was a collocated facility with Argentia Naval Station
имя существительное
a word that is habitually juxtaposed with another with a frequency greater than chance.
collocates for the word “mortgage” include “lend” and “property.”
But it is less ambitious and adventurous than Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Love's Labour's Lost, both of which try to collocate themselves between two existing cinematic traditions.
Video teleconferencing obviates the need to collocate staffs and reduces ambiguity in commanders' intentions.
An item that collocates with another is its collocate .
And to facilitate enhanced interaction between lab disciplines, workstations needed to be collocated .
One aspect of heavy is that it collocates with drinker and smoker (heavy drinker, heavy smoker), but not with eater or spender (* heavy eater, * heavy spender).
The one caveat to that would be if the assets were collocated at the actual fighting location.
The U.S. Army is quietly making a radical change in its personnel policy that may well see the 3rd Infantry Division redeploy to Iraq early next year with mixed-sex support companies collocated with combat units.
The SUBTICS combat management system, with up to six multifunction common consoles and a centrally situated tactical table, is collocated with the platform-control facilities.
Soldiers in a Special Forces support company often are collocated with the units they support in remote firebases in Central and South America.
I agree that there need to be more CA specialists collocated with maneuver units.