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collision / столкновение, коллизия, противоречие
имя существительное
collision, clash, encounter, conflict, impact, impingement
collision, impact
contradiction, conflict, discrepancy, collision, gainsay, antinomy
имя существительное
an instance of one moving object or person striking violently against another.
a midair collision between two aircraft
an event of two or more records being assigned the same identifier or location in memory.
The pensioner was crossing Coniston Avenue when she was involved in collision with a Vauxhall Astra at 4.40 pm yesterday.
According to Gardai, the two articulated trucks were travelling in opposite directions when the collision occurred.
Five rail workers were among the victims of the head-on collision between a passenger train and a freight train in thick fog near Bologna.
a collision between experience and theory
It is believed the bike was in collision with one car, and then the rider struck another car as his bike spun off and caught fire.
The collision between China and the US is a quarrel about ideas and concepts, not about things.
Her sense of detail, love of story and playful use of language create an unstoppable collision of characters and ideas.
The collision of ideas will certainly lead to justice and truth.
There is a huge hype over sugar substitutes, created through the collision of two very different schools of thought.
The spot-checks by the Vehicle Inspectorate follow a recent fatal accident in North Wales in which a motorcyclist was in collision with a car with tinted windows.