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collier / угольщик, шахтер, углекоп
имя существительное
collier, coalman, coaler, charcoal-burner
miner, collier, pitman, mine-worker
collier, coalman, digger, pitman
имя существительное
a coal miner.
Consider also the colliers and pitmen and coal merchants and coal trains and the men who drive them and the ships that carry coals - what an army of servants do the machines thus employ!
a ship carrying coal.
It is an unusual design of ship, a collier with engine-room aft and wheelhouse amidships.
He is not by any means the first collier who has been found to possess a very sweet tenor voice. Attired in his working clothes, with the pick and lighted lamp in his hand, he was cordially welcomed by two large houses on Monday.
The original Endeavour was built in Whitby in 1764 as a collier .
He therefore chose a collier for this expedition, and it was converted into a naval vessel.
The Grane was a 1122 ton Norwegian collier , torpedoed by UB80 on 9 March 1918 and more broken up.
These skills had been honed during the late 1950s and early 60s at Cambridge, which he entered from the choir school at Southwell Minster in his home county of Nottinghamshire, where he was born the son of a collier and a teacher.
This steam collier grounded off north Cornwall in 1916 and makes for an interesting dive if you don't mind a little deco, says John Liddiard.
Samuel Bradshaw, 53, collier , Roscow Road, Kearsley, died about 6.30 pm yesterday evening as the result of a fall of roof the same morning whilst he was working in the Trencherbone pit of the Clifton and Kearsley Coal Company.
In 1922, the navy commissioned its first aircraft carrier, the Langley, a converted collier .
The Keynes was a 1706 ton Stevenson Clark collier , sunk by a German bomber in 1940.
In April 1915, a converted collier named The River Clyde was used as an improvised landing craft to put ashore Allied troops near Cape Helles, at the tip of the Gallipoli peninsula.