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collide / сталкиваться, вступать в противоречие, сшибаться
face, encounter, collide, clash, interfere, impinge
вступать в противоречие
collide, come into collision
hit with force when moving.
she collided with someone
We have different styles, different topics spark our interest and while our views do collide , we rarely arrive at them from the same direction.
Unfortunately, basic contract principles collide with his request for damages.
in his work, politics and metaphysics collide
Having split apart, the continents eventually started to collide with each other, and their different groups of mammals started to mix.
Four seismic forces will soon collide to test the president's true political acumen.
in his work, politics and metaphysics collide
The students and lecturers all have different motives for being there and these collide with painful consequences.
It is a place where history and people and power and politics collide in ways that touch the lives of every American.
Different dance worlds collide at Tangente's Majors series this weekend.
Between those two opposing views, ideals collide and friendships are strained.