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collegial / коллегиальный
имя прилагательное
collegial, collegiate
имя прилагательное
relating to or involving shared responsibility, as among a group of colleagues.
There's such a collegial atmosphere among the contestants.
I am grateful to the faculty and students at the University of Georgia who have inspired me in unexpected ways and have built a uniquely collegial atmosphere.
A top Harvard science professor says that the preferences given to female and minority scientists in lab-space allocation and other perks do not always make for happy collegial relations.
There's a pleasant collegial atmosphere among the group, and many humorous anecdotes about the origins of the movie and the experience of filming it are batted around.
The successful candidate will also have a strong interest in working with the vision of the department in a collegial manner, while teaching studio and/or theory courses in any of the four areas, depending on specialization.
Whites do not begin to know the effort it takes for Blacks to subdue their true feelings about the racial pain they incur, even in work situations, where it may appear that the relationships are collegial and compatible.
It is more than likely that Delaroche, who took his collegial responsibilities in the academy very seriously, would have had some contact with the Onslow family.
Ongoing communication helps retain a collegial atmosphere for current staff members and provides a way to integrate temporary staff members into the team.
It could be argued that the church is not and was never intended to be a democracy, or even a collegial oligarchy, Martin Luther and his theses notwithstanding.
The collegial and statutory mechanisms need a public-private partnership, perhaps similar to the National Quality Forum in the United States, to bring clarity, consistency, and transparency to external assessment in Britain.
Unsurprisingly, they were not content to remain subalterns under the permanent tutelage of whites, so that our relations with them were superficially polite and collegial , but human warmth was difficult or impossible.