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college / колледж, коллегия, университет
имя существительное
board, college
university, college, campus, varsity
имя существительное
an educational institution or establishment, in particular.
For example, when Ataturk was bringing modern Turkey into being, he closed down all the madrasas, the colleges of further education.
an organized group of professional people with particular aims, duties, and privileges.
the electoral college
He joined SN Das Gupta College, a private college , which started coaching for KAS two years ago.
At college , his professors thought he was crazy to be in school because he could make a lot more money as a bricklayer.
The project will also involve Barkston spending time at the York college as part of a judging panel assisting with the design of a new foundation degree course at the college .
At college I had an Alexander Technique teacher for posture and body use.
At college , I discovered a wealth of ideas that I had never considered before.
The overall effect aspired to evoke the atmosphere of a Cambridge college , with some degree of success.
Also, men and women who did not go to college after finishing high school were not included in the sample.
Josephine English didn't rent a cap and gown when she heard she had graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from a Dublin college .
The college was re-opened more than a decade later as a college of continuing education.
the college was shocked by his death