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collective / коллектив, колхоз
имя существительное
collective, collectivity
collective farm, kolkhoz, collective
имя прилагательное
collective, shared, communal, congregate
general, common, overall, generic, joint, collective
имя прилагательное
done by people acting as a group.
a collective protest
имя существительное
a cooperative enterprise.
And there will be an expensive and politically complicated process of consolidating numerous small collectives into productive big enterprises.
Other forms of movement tracking can give rise to collective file sharing.
In the 1880s collective protest and demonstrations swept through the Po Valley when farm prices fell as a result of the arrival of cheap North American grain and meat on European markets.
The Skyline Melody apartments at Vazhuthacaud seem to have taken the first tentative step to recognise the need for collective action by bringing out a directory-cum-souvenir.
The public values of this country do not allow us at this point in the Republic's history to impose collective punishment on a whole population because of the deeds of a handful of persons.
Apparently, they can be excused if they breach one of the duties of collective responsibility, implying that some of the board members may not actually know what the requirements and duties may be.
We're a collective of social drop-outs, people with extreme ways of life.
On the other hand, collective public silent protest of injustice can be a very effective tool to confront oppression.
In both instances, rival companies have been too preoccupied with eluding prosecution to consider sharing collective knowledge that might avert further accidents.
There came a collective protest from the students, but they obeyed.
But he is a guy who definitely brings down the collective IQ of Parliament.