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collected / собранный, набранный, сосредоточенный
имя прилагательное
assembled, collected, gathered, picked, together, accumulated
dialed, typed, collected, dialled
concentrated, undistracted, collected, converging
имя прилагательное
(of a person) not perturbed or distracted.
outwardly they are cool, calm, and collected
(of individual works) brought together in one volume or edition.
the collected works of Edgar Allan Poe
(of a horse) moving with a shortened stride and with its hind legs correctly placed to achieve balance and impulsion.
‘Mary taught me how to ride a collected canter today,’ she says breathlessly.
I tried to correct it fifteen years later for the collected edition of my works, but even then I was convinced that the story did not succeed.
Seth's latest work is the in-progress series Clyde Fans, a collected volume of which has just been released by Drawn and Quarterly.
A collected edition of his writings, Tutti gli scritti, was published in 1978.
4,000 of these now make up six volumes of his collected works.
Biswell, at the end of this fine study, complains that there is no collected edition of Burgess's works.
We have also taken steps to publish the collected works of Sri Sankaracharya in four languages - English, Hindi, Malayalam and Sanskrit.
It made me regret anew that McClelland & Stewart had rejected P.K.'s offer of a collected edition while I was their poetry editor.
In the Preface to the collected edition of Manx Notes and Queries, Roeder wrote.
In the dressing-room, the cool, calm and collected Leishman called for ‘more of the same’, according to Jack.
Amalia was normally a very collected individual.