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collectable / предмет коллекционирования
имя прилагательное
предмет коллекционирования
имя прилагательное
(of an item) worth collecting; of interest to a collector.
able to be collected.
a surplus collectible as rent by the landowner
I'm not completely in favour of the idea because whereas collectable small antiques increase in value, cash deposits are currently running at an interest rate which, in real terms, is actually yielding a negative return.
This beautifully-packaged double set includes not only the big musical numbers her fans will already know but also an entire album's worth of new and collectable recordings.
This wall plaque is worth about £120 - Boer War items are quite collectable .
The latest edition of Raw Vision reports on the growing interest in a highly collectable strand of outsider art, the Victorian Spar Box.
Strange, though Ian, how half-a-dozen years can turn a crass old banger into a collectable classic.
Swindon police discovered £2,000 worth of the collectable toys during a raid earlier this year.
The very collectable 1914 vintage could have spent three years in an oak barrel and 86 in the bottle.
Small is beautiful in the world of antiques where miniature furniture has become so collectable that some of the highest quality pieces are selling for more than the real thing.
Knowing that an antique, a collectable , an objet d' art might add a touch of classic grace to your home is one thing, actually picking out that object and finding the courage to acquire it is something else.
Despite this relative success, production of the roadster is to stop, and those who study such things, reckon it will become a classic, collectable sports car.