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collect / собирать, взимать, получать
collect, gather, pick, assemble, congregate, compile
levy, collect, raise
get, receive, obtain, gain, have, collect
наложенным платежом
cash on delivery, collect
имя существительное
краткая молитва
bring or gather together (things, typically when scattered or widespread).
he went around the office collecting old coffee cups
call for and take away; fetch.
the children were collected from school
regain control of oneself, typically after a shock.
Cougre took the hint and collected herself , regaining her calm.
conclude; infer.
by all best conjectures, I collect Thou art to be my fatal enemy
cause (a horse) to bring its hind legs further forward as it moves, thereby shortening the stride and increasing balance and impulsion.
This is an easy way to encourage the horse to collect as he halts which will be a paramount balance skill later on.
(with reference to a telephone call) to be paid for by the person receiving it.
I called my mother collect
имя существительное
(in church use) a short prayer, especially one assigned to a particular day or season.
However, a new type of short full anthem, often a setting of one of the seasonal collects , gained in popularity after about 1800.
These minute organisms are discharged from all over a reef: How come they collect together in these long lines of froth?
The leaves and rubbish that collect around the base harbour insects for geckos to feast on, while providing cover from predators.
The 72 year old was in town to collect an honorary ACTRA award.
They tend to be accumulators, and they collect the strangest things, and once they are collected, they cannot be gotten rid of.
Though Mr. Boudin has rigged his dorm room at Yale University to override the block on collect calls, neither parent was able to connect with him today.
On the morning of the ‘big day’, all the students collect together to decide how to achieve their one express goal - wasting as much time as possible.
Some background information: I collect Samsonite Suitcases, of a specific time period.
I cannot imagine the mindset of a man who thinks that a sex worker is going to take a collect call from anyone - let alone someone who's in jail.
I am told that the average price of a fifteen-minute collect call to Phoenix is $3.
A small crowd started to collect around the scene.